Walnut Creek Racquet Club
The following guidelines and rules apply to all USTA or CCTA teams that are Sponsored by WCRC & WCTC:

1. Any team wishing to play USTA matches with Walnut Creek as home courts must be sponsored by the Walnut Creek Racquet Club (WCRC) and comply with all club rules.

2. All Captains must attend or send a representative to the captains meeting prior to the start of each season. At this meeting you will have the opportunity to schedule home matches after a review of club rules. If you are the Captain of a team, you will be contacted automatically via email when a Captain’s meeting is scheduled. If you are in doubt about scheduling, contact the WCRC league coordinator for USTA.

3. All team members, including Captains, must be a current member of WCRC in good standing. This applies regardless of whether the individual is playing or not. In the event there are any team members who are not WCRC members, the Captain will be contacted and given 7 days to bring his/her team into compliance. If the Captain does not comply, they will immediately forfeit any reserved court times. If the Captain brings the team into compliance courts can be reassigned by the USTA Coordinator based on availability. Captains can check the web site, www.wcrc.net, for player status.

4. All team members should, but are not required to, have a valid WCTC court usage card. If a team member does not have a valid court usage card, the appropriate fee shall be paid prior to playing a home match.
5. Prior to the start of any home matches, regardless of location, Captain’s are responsible for providing a written list of players with court usage numbers or fee’s for those without numbers to the Tennis Center office. Failure to provide the list and any fees due could result in immediate loss of courts causing the team to default.

6. If a make-up home match date is needed, the Captain should use the wcrc.net calendar to request another date or contact the WCRC league coordinator via email. The wcrc.net calendar is up to date with court availability. Captains should use this calendar to find an open time that meets their requirements then submit an email request. The request will hold the courts and the captain will receive an email response when the request has been approved. Captain’s can hold two tentative dates then contact the league coordinator upon hearing from your opponents so the unused date can be put back on the calendar for other teams.

7. If you are in the middle of playing a home match and it begins to rain, or some other reason causes your match to be delayed, you must be off the courts before the next reserved court time. If there is not a match following yours you can continue to use the courts. If you can not finish nor need a make up date for any reason then follow the steps described above for makeup dates.

8. Should captains not comply with any of these rules they may lose the privilege of captaining a team at Walnut Creek. If captain privileges are revoked the person will have to wait a minimum of 1 year before requesting to be reinstated as possible captain. Should any captain or player act in a manner that is detrimental to the best interest of the club their membership in the club will be terminated in accordance with the club bylaws.