WCRC hosts USTA teams throughout the calendar year. Levels of play and general season dates are below.

  • Mixed 40+ (September to December)
  • Adult 40+ (January to April)
  • Adult 18-39 (January to March)
  • NorCal Mixed 55+ (January to March)
  • NorCal Adult 65+ (March to May)
  • Adult 18+ (April to June)
  • Adult 55+ (June to August)
  • Mixed 18+ (June to September)
  • NorCal Combo Doubles (September to December)
  • Adult 18-45 Singles (September to November)
  • NorCal Adult 70+ (September to November)
  • Tri-Level Tournaments (
  • Flex (
  • Social Nets (

Contact our New Member Chairperson to inquire about finding a USTA team to play on.


Rules for WCRC-Sponsored USTA Captains at Walnut Creek Courts

1. Any USTA WCRC-sponsored team playing out of Walnut Creek Tennis Center, must comply with WCRC and tennis facility (Lifetime Tennis) rules.

2. All WCRC Captains must attend or send a representative to the Captains court assignment meeting prior to the start of each season. At this meeting you will have the opportunity to schedule home matches after a review of club rules. If you are the Captain of a team, you will be contacted automatically via email when a Captain’s meeting is scheduled. If you are in doubt about scheduling, contact the WCRC league coordinator for USTA. Sterling Fairholm

3. All team members, including Captains, must be a current member of WCRC in good standing through the entire season. This applies regardless of whether the individual is playing or not. In the event there are any team members who are not WCRC members, the Captain will be contacted and given 7 days to bring his/her team into compliance. If the Captain does not comply, they risk losing home court reservations for the remainder of the season. If the Captain brings the team into compliance, courts can be reassigned by the USTA Coordinator Isabella Feinberg - - based on availability. Captains can check with membership coordinator Pam Maloney or Tammie Snyder for player status. Prior to each season an email will be sent out to all Captains with a list of players that are not current WCRC members. All team rosters will be checked periodically for added players on team rosters to confirm WCRC membership.

4. All team members are encouraged, but are not required to, have a valid Lifetime Activities court usage pass. If a team member does not have a valid court usage card, the appropriate fee shall be paid prior to playing a home match. See attached Court Fee chart.

5. Prior to the start of home matches played at any Walnut Creek facility (Heather Farm Tennis Center, Rudgear Park or Northgate High School), Captains are responsible for providing a written list of players to Lifetime Activities staff at the Pro Shop. Captains are responsible for ensuring that each player has paid any court usage fees PRIOR to the start of the match. Failure to provide the list and any fees due could result in immediate loss of courts causing the team to default.

6. When playing off-site home matches, Captains are responsible for ensuring all equipment, chairs, brooms, score cards, etc. are locked up in shed before the next match.

7. All Captains are held responsible for themselves and all team players to a code of conduct. Above all, courtesy is expected of Captains at all times. Please see USTA link here:

The Code is found on pages 36-42.

8. Please see Advanced Reservation Policy and Guidelines from Lifetime Activities for any additional court questions.