League FAQ

What are the rules?
The Walnut Creek Racquet Club Leagues were founded as competitive leagues intended to provide players with a venue outside of USTA to play league tennis. In general we ask players to comply with The ITF Rules of Tennis. In addition, players should apply The Code to all situations requiring resolution.

Do I have to be USTA rated to play?
You do not have to be USTA rated to play in the Walnut Creek Racquet Club leagues. We do ask that you rate yourself fairly on the USTA scale. If you are unsure of what your rating should be please Contact Us and we will help you determine what your approximate USTA rating should be.

WARNING: If it is determined that you are not rated in USTA and you are playing lower that what would be considered a fair USTA rating you are subject to league disqualification. In addition The WCRC reserves the right to adjust players either up or down at any time during the league independent of their published USTA rating. These adjustments will be made by WCRC board consensus.

Is there an age limit?
The minimum age for players in the Walnut Creek Racquet Club leagues is 18.

Who do I play?
Use the Player Tools section of the website to contact opponents to play within your league. You can filter opponents by preferred time to play and court preferences.

Where are we supposed to play?
It is up to you and your opponent(s) to find a mutually agreeable location to play. Most players will try to find a meeting point either in the city of Walnut Creek which has paid (Heather Farms) and free options (all other courts) or will find a meeting point somewhere within the Diablo North area. Visit Our Courts page for court information and directions.

Who provides the balls?
Each team brings a can of balls to the match. One team opens their can of balls for the match. The winning team takes the unopened can of balls home.

Can we play a super-tiebreaker?
Super-tiebreakers will be determined by league and tournament Directors and stated at the beginning of each season and prior to each tournament.

Who puts the score in?
The winning team is expected to input the match scores but the other team may be do so it the winners do not. .

Can I take a default if my opponent(s) are late or do not show up?
We generally do not allow defaults for no-shows or late arrivals, however if you need the match at the end of the season to qualify for the end of season tournament you may take a default by notifying the opposing team and the league coordinator.

How do I enter a retirement or a default?
A default should be entered as 6-0, 6-0. A retirement should be entered for the winner during the time of the retirement. For example, if a team retires at 3-3 in the first set the score should be entered as 6-3, 6-0. If they retire at 6-3, 1-0 in the second set the score should be entered as 6-3, 6-0.

Can I switch partners if my partner gets injured or is not available anymore?
You can switch partners anytime throughout the season by contacting the league administrator. Depending on when during the league you switch partners, the minimum number of matches to qualify will be determined by the league coordinators.

Can I get a refund if I'm injured or move?
The WCRC will process a refund up to 60 days from the start of a league for injury or for individuals that move out of the region. Refunds will only be processed for players or teams that have played 0 matches. Please contact the league administrator to request a refund.

Can I play at more than one level?
Our leagues are setup to accommodate players at multiple levels. You may play at more than one level for a given season provided you are playing at USTA rating (or equivalent if not rated) or higher. Playing at a lower level than your rating or skill level is only permitted with the pre-approval of the league coordinator. Play at different levels for the tournament will be decided by league Director prior to tournament.

Please Contact Us for questions or rules not addressed on this page.